Why is the path of spirituality so tough?

Why is the path of spirituality so tough?Why is the path of spirituality so tough?
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First, we have to understand what consciousness is.

The consciousness is one “solid,” homogenous mass of NOW.

Invisible ( but experienceable) Consciousness is existence, the life itself.

We live in consciousness; we breathe in consciousness; we eat in consciousness; we sleep and wake up in consciousness.

It is all around us and within us.

There is no way to escape the consciousness, the NOW.

But we don’t care about NOW.

We always desire anything but NOW.

We escape NOW, and being guided by our desires; we create imaginary pasts or futures in our minds.

To create them, we have to modify the present, twist it, bend it, and really work hard at it, and finally, we create the past and future.

And all that we are doing is NOW.

We don’t actually go into the past or future; only our minds do through imagination.

It’s like leaving the mother’s lap and going out into the playgrounds where there is nothing but competition and fighting.

It’s no surprise that we are wounded all the time.

We are constantly working hard, and yet we are not happy.

Or is it that we are not happy BECAUSE we are working hard?

Let’s RE think about our strategy.

God is knocking on the door, and we are not home.

We have left our homes to visit others, but they also have visited someone else’s home.

Sansar is where nobody is home.

And this makes the spiritual path tough because we cannot avoid thinking of the past or future, and consciousness is here and NOW.

MEDITATE and find your home – in NOW.