Raw Vegan (Yogic/Sattvic Diet)

Dr Shah sees a major difference between vegan diet and raw vegan diet. Vegan diet of course has immense benefits in reducing burden of so many diseases like high cholesterol, diabetes and cancer , but cooked vegan diet is simply a replacement of animal based foods with plant based foods. Cooking food does destroy important phytonutrients of the original raw food. Since body doesn’t get enough phytonutrients I’m cooked food , body tends to overeat the cooked food – leading to being overweight .

Also cooked food is an alteration of original raw food by adding various elements to make raw food more palatable. This leads to stimulation of one’s senses.

But raw vegan food is of a different league , as it is produced by nature. So literally it is a food for the soul and not for the senses. So going from vegan food to raw vegan food , one finds a significant leap in their spiritual quest, because absence of cooking leads to quieting down of senses, which in turn makes a way for higher spiritual growth.

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