What’s the best way to stay in touch of God?

What’s the best way to stay in touch of God?What’s the best way to stay in touch of God?
admin Staff answered 1 year ago

Different religions and traditions have various methods of remaining aware of their God.

Carrying God’s picture, doing Jaap of God, rosaries, writing God’s name day and night, humming his name, etc.

But these are very superficial ways of “remembering” God.

In most of these cases, it is happening only at the mind level – to keep reminding the mind so that it does not forget Him.

And, as I said earlier, it is a waste because such an infinite entity of Godliness cannot be locked up in the finite mind of man.

God’s realization happens at a much deeper level.

Beyond the mind ( brain ) is the heart ( heart center ) and beyond the heart is Prana ( navel – where Prana entered into your body from your mother ).

So, it will be futile to bring God up to the mind level, keep Him as a memory, and keep kindling it with the help of the mind.

It’s a total waste of precious time.

God is not that cheap.

Consciousness is Godliness, and it is ever-present in every moment.

So, the only way to stay synchronized with Godliness is to LIVE  Godly.

The nature of consciousness has to reflect in your daily actions.

No chanting, no Jaap, no writing his name, nothing – every action has to become his Jaap.

He is life itself, and His utmost worship is to LIVE HIM.

When you start seeing Him in everyone and everyone and everything in Him, you will see Him everywhere, all the time – and that is the true Bhakti.