What is silence?

What is silence?What is silence?
admin Staff answered 1 year ago

On the spiritual path, silence is not what we understand silence in our day to day life.

In day to day life, silence would normally mean the absence of noise, spending time in a place where there is no noise, away from hustle and bustle of life, etc.

But it is not permanent; it is short-lasting.

Everything in life is short lasting, including life itself, as we know.

So, any of its products are no exception.

Joys of life are short lasting, and sufferings of life also are short lasting.

Days are short lasting, and so are the nights.

So, silence that you experience in life also will be short lasting.

Sooner or later, it has to come to an end, and noise has to return, and silence will get broken.

Spirituality operates at much higher level than the materialist life that we call life – Sansar.

All matter and everything created by the matter goes through four stages – Birth, growth, Decay, and Death.

Spirituality means connecting with inner consciousness ( the soul ), which is the spirit, and so has its own rules.

In spiritual field of Atma ( Soul ), everything is perpetual. Its joy is perpetual, and its silence is also perpetual, not affected by what happens in your Sansaric life.

The only condition is, to experience the total, the perpetual silence, one has to rise above the mind and transcend the mind.

Once you rise above the mind, the silence that you will experience will be an absolute silence, an unconditional silence, not affected by your mind or your life events in Sansar.

So, the path of spirituality is all about finding that inner silence, inner peace, which becomes your perpetual companion in living the rest of your life on earth,

And that is the silence that is hidden within and worth seeking.