What is one powerful magic that helps you jump from your mind to the consciousness?

What is one powerful magic that helps you jump from your mind to the consciousness?What is one powerful magic that helps you jump from your mind to the consciousness?
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Love and meditation.


Love is that simple but magical and powerful potion that can transform a mundane, boring meditation into one filled with zest.

With that, a desert full of thorns turns into a lush, fertile garden of life.



Now comes the tough part.

Put it into action.

Deop all your conditions, as they are the hindrances in you becoming an unconditional lover.

Mull over your mind.

Are these conditions helping you or hurting you?

If you are sincere on spiritual path, the answer will be – “hurting” me.

Let your ego get washed in mysterious, formless, infinite awareness. ( Like letting a lamp go afloat in the vast Ganges ).

Then transcendence will happen in your life.

Start with the loved ones around you, keep meditating along those lines, and let it become universal until it becomes your nature and YOU BECOME LOVE.

Tough to understand and tougher to experience it.

The word “love” has lost its value.

The love we call love is not love at all.

It is only a business based on looks, money, fame, usefulness, ability to give physical pleasures, etc.

Nowadays, entertainers, sports players, or even Hagen Dazs, Heinekens, and Gulab Jamuns can become objects of love.

This shows how derailed the word “love” has become and how our priorities have changed in life.

No – that is not love – it is just a give and take.

When a sadhak is meditating and is trying hard to rise higher than the mind, trying to fight thoughts after thoughts, emotions after emotions, trying to stay in dualistic Sansar, and at the same time trying to rise higher and go into nondual consciousness, a point comes that he realizes that the mind has reached its limits, he has exhausted all his techniques.

That time ( if he is watchful and aware ), an unconditional love rises from within like a lotus arises from the mud.

That’s when he realizes the first fragrance of formlessness.

Mind was only a storehouse for various conditions he used to “love” objects, people, and situations – all material.

Formless love, unconditional love arising from within, gives you the courage to take that jump from the mind into formless consciousness.

Conditions were material, and unconditionality is spiritual, which lays a path further into divinity.

Unconditionality means an un-mind state.

A mother’s love for her child is a typical example, as she can let go of anything for her child, but it is still conditioned and revolves around her child.
Unconditional love arising from within is Godly and universal.