What is Ahimsa?

What is Ahimsa?What is Ahimsa?
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Every animal tries to protect itself.

Every animal tries to run away when approached.

What are they protecting?

Every animal – even a tiny mouse, an earthworm, or an insect- does not want to die.

What is so valuable in them that they don’t want it disturbed? Something they don’t want to lose?

What are we disturbing when we kill an animal?

THE LIFE itself.

As soon as an animal dies ( or gets killed ), life departs them, and so does consciousness, precisely at the same time.

That means in all practical sense.


Keeping consciousness in the center, we live our lives.

All our life experiences revolve around consciousness.

Every contact, every connection, every friend, every victory, every loss, every thought, every spoken word – has hidden consciousness within them – the most crucial piece necessary for all these to happen. ( Same thing for animals ).

And yet, we don’t pay much attention to it.

It’s like, consciousness is the axis around which the manifested life keeps revolving and simultaneously evolving.

Forms keep changing, but the formless keeps marching on in an organized way.

Dissect any animal, and you will not find consciousness anywhere.

And yet it is there.

Its presence, we don’t care until it becomes absent.

Isn’t it time now to go within and find this “refusing to die,” “ remaining unchanged” tatva ( element ), cherish it, have faith in it, respect it, and worship it?
Wasting time by putting faith in everything and everyone around us? ( Which is ever-changing and mortal ).

Let consciousness find the consciousness while you are conscious ( alive ).


Finding LIFE within us and then respecting it all around us ( in that order ) is the expression of utmost devotion to the almighty consciousness.

Isn’t that Ahimsa? ( Non-Violence ).