How is Faith helpful in daily life?

How is Faith helpful in daily life?How is Faith helpful in daily life?
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 Faith – 

Faith is a profound subject.

It is not something someone can give you, and you can take it.

True faith has to arise from within.

Why do we need faith?

Our mind can only see what’s in front of it.

It cannot know the future, which bothers it, because food for the mind is knowledge.

Despite running, jumping up and down, making many plans, etc., it still can’t know the future, so it finally gives in and relies on faith.

The faith we use every day.

Getting references from a neighbor for a good doctor whom you can trust, signing the consent for a surgeon before surgery, parents taking their child to the temple and saying, “ Bow down because this your God, have faith in Him,” and even crossing the road and trusting that people will be following the traffic rules, etc., are daily examples of faith.

If we want to live life, first, we use our mind; if that fails, we turn to faith.

But there are two kinds of faith.

One is – The sansaric faith; you learn from Sansar.

This faith is used for convenience, personal safety, and comfort ( mental or physical ).

But it is short lasting.

If the doctor turns out to be not so good, an accident happens while crossing the road, surgery goes foul, or major setbacks happen in life, our faith shatters, and we will blame everyone involved, including God.

Sansaric faith is just another tool we use to live in society.

And frequently, it is used for personal gains only – “ God gets me a job, more money, such and such girlfriend, get rid of my suffering,” etc.

Look at your demands – all Sansaric, centered around your Ego ( body+mind ).

It keeps you in Sansar, does not elevate you, and has no spiritual value.

A fish born in the ocean never knows what’s beyond the ocean.

Spiritual faith is a separate entity; it takes you out of the ocean of Sansar.

It arises during your inner journey when you transcend the mind ( Ego ).

And it is available to everyone alive.

Even a bushman living in a remote jungle, if he meditates, will be able to experience the same spiritual faith as anyone else living in Sansar.

It would be even easier for him because he would not have to fight the concepts of Krishna, Mahavir, Buddha, Mohammed, or Jesus thrown upon our minds.

Spiritual faith arises after experiencing the infinite, divine consciousness within, from where the whole Sansar originated.

It is life itself.

That’s when Ego drops, and the whole Sansar becomes a joy, its pleasures, and its sufferings, including the fear of death.

The mind stops running as Sansar is not its goal anymore, and peace and tranquility prevail in life.

This faith is deep, unshakeable, and permanent because its source is universal divinity, not the Sansar full of divisions.

Faith in a form is easy; it can happen in two minutes of conversation between parents and a child.

Faith in formlessness may take a lifetime ( one lifetime if you are lucky ).

Faith means – no desire to receive anything more than what has been given to you without effort.

Faith means – no desire to change the world.
Faith means – to see divinity existing in all.
Faith means – gratitude in every second and every breath.

Why won’t this bring heaven into your life?