How do I make my meditation more successful?

How do I make my meditation more successful?How do I make my meditation more successful?
admin Staff answered 1 year ago

That is an excellent question.

This shows the eagerness of the spiritual seeker.

Let’s see.

Our everyday experience is that people with similar interests become friends.

It is not much different in meditation.

If you make the consciousness your friend, you must start synchronizing with its attributes – Sat ( Truth )  – Chit ( Awareness ) – Anand ( Joy ).

Meditation is a process of connecting with higher self – consciousness.

There are some attributes of consciousness if we understand them, will guide us in changing ourselves, which could help us to reach God realization.

None of these things will help individually, but collectively, they will make your passage much smoother.

  1. Consciousness ( Godliness ) is eternal ( sanatan – forever ). It is beyond time. It created time ( Kaal )  and space ( Chhetra ). So, it has all the patience in the world till we arrive. – So, we also need to BE PATIENT on this path. Impatience will only make the path hard and God unreachable. Consciousness is the emblem of patience, a timeless, eternal existence, and impatience comes from Sansar.
    Impatience and patience can never unite.
  2. Consciousness is the ultimate TRUTH ( Sat ).So, to reach there, one must also insist on TRUTHFULNESS in one’s life.
    Of course, it requires a lot of courage and sacrifice.
    But the fact is, the untruth and the truth also will never unite.
    Donating much money will never buy you God, but truthfulness might help.
  3. Another feature of consciousness is ANAND. (JOY ). So, BEING HAPPY will facilitate your communion with consciousness.
    Meditating in a sad state will only make your mind keep swirling around the problem, making you more unhappy.
    So, try to meditate in a joyful state, in a grateful mode which is a state where the mind’s demands are minimal or none.
    Remembering happy moments of your life, recognizing all the great things that have happened, etc., before starting meditation will help.
  4. Consciousness is in eternal SILENCE, so you will need to practice and learn a new language of silence in daily life whenever possible and practical.
  5. Consciousness is self-dependent.
    Whole Sansar needs consciousness, but consciousness does not need anything or anyone to exist.
    So, learn to be SELF-DEPENDENT in daily life, even in small things, and avoid objects of pleasure that make you dependent on them.
  6. Of course, all of these will need full awareness.
    But then again, consciousness is full AWARENESS Itself.
    So, if you remain unaware, with dependence on objects, people, and situations, you will never unite with the awareness itself.
    Sansar is unawareness, and Samadhi is full awareness.
  7. And the last thing, consciousness, is DESIRE FREE. 
    Because you can only desire something you don’t have, and He owns everything.
    What can consciousness desire?
    So, staying away from desires will be an excellent virtue to develop.
    Be content with what you have.
    ( Of course, desires and needs are two different issues  – needs are necessary, and desires are not. )
    The same thing for APARIGRAH – do not consume ( or collect ) what you do not need.
    And this is a big category by itself.
    Eat only when hungry, and drink when thirsty.
    This also will need full awareness.
    One must differentiate between hunger and appetite, thirst and pleasurable drinking.
    Earning for needs and earning for greed are separate issues and fall under the same category. Having some DISCIPLINE  ( Taap ) will help curtail your uncontrolled desires.
  8. Consciousness is the ultimate purity. So having Saucha ( cleanliness ) in your daily life will be helpful.