How do I deal with regrets of the past?

How do I deal with regrets of the past?How do I deal with regrets of the past?
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How do I deal with regrets of the past?
What’s the tool?
What’s the technique?
How to do it?

Meditation is, of course, the tool.

There is nothing else as powerful as that.

But meditation has to spill into our daily life, and then only its meaning and usefulness start surfacing.

The meditation technique is, of course, to be aware of our thoughts and distance out from them by realizing the existence of an independent entity- the awareness – the witness.

The same entity is available with closed eyes ( in meditation ) or open eyes ( in daily life ).

We see a bird flying. We close our eyes, and we still see the bird flying. What’s the difference?

Awareness creates a space for you ( awareness being aware of itself ).

And this perpetual, unbroken space transcends both the phases of your daily life – meditation ( closed eyes ) or meditative life ( open eyes ).

When regrets happen for whatever reason, normally, we get carried away into regret itself ( a state of unawareness – the mind ) rather than being aware ( of awareness – the soul ).

Being unaware ( the mind ), and being aware ( the awareness – the consciousness – the soul ) are two different dimensions of our existence.

So, when regrets overpower you and make you suffer, take a little time and lift your awareness, and watch it ( who can be better for that than awareness itself ? ).

Awareness is one vast current state of NOW.

Years of meditation trains you to be aware of that space of awareness.

So, when the mind is gripped with the disease called regret, awareness works like medicine for it.

By being aware of the regret happening in the mind, trained awareness distances itself from the regretter – the mind ( your false Ego ).

The mind is the regretter ( by overthinking), and the awareness ( your true self ) is watching it.

At that moment, the dirt of regret ( past ) is washed away with the soap of pure divine awareness – the infinite gift available to us 24×7.

By distancing from the regret, you are distancing from your Ego ( the false self – the sufferer ) and releasing an infinite power to let the regret go, and also the strength to be in the NOW, making you available for whatever your dharma ( righteous duties ) calls for – in that moment.

Awareness is thoughtlessness, and the mind is nothing but thoughts ( any kind – including regret ).

In the light of thoughtlessness, the darkness of thoughts cannot exist, just the way the rising sun makes the darkness vanish instantly.

Awareness comes from within, and the mind is connected to the outside –  two directions.

They are like oil and water, by default, by nature.

But –

Our ignorance and belief that I’m this body have created all the mess within us, and our lives have become like muddied water.

We need clarity – and there is only one source – consciousness.

Suffering is yours.

Awareness is yours.

Why are we looking for others’ help?

No one can do it for you.

A teacher can teach, but exam paper you have to write. 😄

When you are alone, practice peaceful awareness- very profound two words.

Practicing peace and practicing thoughtless awareness.

Eventually, both merge and become one.