How can we fight desires? What is the antidote for desires?

How can we fight desires? What is the antidote for desires?How can we fight desires? What is the antidote for desires?
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Antidote for desires ( expectations ) is the opposite – a bhav ( attitude ) of GIVING.

Analyze yourself.

Desires and expectations are modifications of your pure consciousness, modified to gain something from Sansar.

Developing a Bhav ( attitude ) of giving is a modification of the same pure consciousness.

This requires full awareness ( and, of course, meditation is the tool ).

Once the desires and expectations filled mind gets hold of you, you become unaware, blind, and keep seeing only the object of pleasure.

In such a state, it is tough to break that cycle.

But developing a bhav of giving ( and living with that attitude all the time ) elevates your consciousness to a much higher level.

From this elevated platform, desires ( unawareness ) must work harder to draw you into them.

Bhav does not even have to result in actual giving.

Don’t connect Bhav to action directly.

The sequence one must follow is always – Bhav-Vichar ( thoughts ) – kriya ( actions ).

So live in that Bhav – 24×7 and see what happens.

Over time, such Bhav will start altering your thoughts, and ultimately your actions will get modified.

Just putting “giving” into action straight will spoil the whole thing and will make it ugly ( examples are all over ) – because you didn’t follow the sequence.

Even if actual giving does not happen, it doesn’t matter.

But what you have achieved in a very subtle and “cunning” way robbed the desires from getting their share, their “quota” of pure, unmodified awareness – and they start dying out.

Once desires die out – what results is heavenly life on earth for you and the people around you.


Giving and receiving cannot exist simultaneously.

The attitude of Giving will become a shield against arising of desires.


Mind well; this technique is only for changing your inner engineering, not preaching to or changing others.


Bhav is a potent tool that is still, to some extent, within our powers.


But it requires patience.

But we seldom use it because we have become addicted to the mind ( thoughts ), and we want instant results ( no surprise in a fast-food world ).