Nutrition and mental health.

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Nutrition and health


Western diet has been linked to many mental illnesses. And mental illnesses are wild swings of the mind.

An unhealthy Indian must be just as bad. ( Just no one has done any studies ).

For spiritual growth- diet plays a significant role.

And that’s why I have been on an 80% raw food diet for many years.

As you go deep within – you will realize – meditation after unhealthy food Vs. Healthy food.

Raw food brings simplicity to life, curtails wild swings of the mind, and facilitates inward growth.

Eating unhealthy and desirable foods is like holding onto a boat and still trying to fathom the depths of the ocean.


Diet has the purpose of keeping the body in optimal condition.

But it has an even higher purpose, to keep the mind also in an optimal condition.

For the same reason, one should go vegan because a food that is generated after countless sufferings of the cows, and after knowing this, still eaten for personal pleasures only, condenses the Ego more by self-gratification, and becomes detrimental in spiritual progress, which is a process of diluting the Ego.

Nov 14,2022

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