Why is the path of spirituality difficult?

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Why is the path of spirituality difficult?

Why is the path of spirituality difficult?

1. It is a lonely path. No Guru, no God / only YOU. They help you only in the beginning.

2. 100% of YOU ( as you are ) will be destroyed. Mind ( as we know ) has no role in experiencing consequences.

3. All your comforts, certainties, and predictabilities built in the Sansar will disappear.

4. Your tongue, words, languages, and speech will become useless.

5. Fundamental concepts of time and space on which all your experiences are built will become meaningless.

6. All your possessions, support, friends, and relatives will be useless.

7. In front of purity of consciousness, the impurity of your mind and its mistakes will stand out, and you will have to admit them.

Path to Samadhi is like a rug pulled from under your feet, requiring tremendous courage.

People give up, sometimes even at the last minute, and walk back to Sansar – where they get comfort.

It feels like venturing out of a fortress city into a vast unknown wilderness.

When YOU have to walk away from YOU, it is like death, where you give up everything and depart.

That’s why the path of spirituality needs a lot of courage.


Jan 23,2023

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