Why are we so blinded ( mesmerized ) by the Sansar, even though we know that it is worthless?

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Why are we so blinded ( mesmerized ) by the Sansar, even though we know that it is worthless?

Why are we so blinded ( mesmerized ) by the Sansar, even though we know it is worthless?


Gigantic pyramids were started with a single stone.

Thousand miles journey starts with the first step.

Same way, where we are, we have traveled a long way, so long that we have forgotten where we came from and how to get back there.

The thoughtless state of pure consciousness was our origin.

A notion arose in the consciousness that wanted to experience itself.

There is no way for the consciousness to step aside and experience itself, as infinity cannot step out of itself. ( then it will have a limit – a form ).

So subject-object relation came into existence – duality was created.

( It’s almost like falling in love with your toe, for example, as if it is a separate entity. )

And since then, we have been part of this duality called – Sansar.

( But in fact, duality is only an illusion, singularity is the eternal fact ).

The fuel, the currency, and the absolute need to enter and stay in that dualistic Sansar is THOUGHT.

A thought cannot exist without duality, just like a bridge needs two river shores to connect.

A thought is that bridge connects two entities – you and something else ( object, person, or situation ).

So thought is that initial sprout.

Sprout turns into a seedling and seedling into a shrub, and before you know it, a shrub into a colossal tree with its profound roots.

And that’s where we are,
right now.

The first thought might have seemed very innocent because innocence is the nature of consciousness.

But things got twisted more and more as time went on.

Roots became more and more complicated, and twigs and branches took weird shapes.

( Looks at the minds of people nowadays ).

With repetitive fuel of awareness, a thought turns into a notion, a notion into an idea, an idea into a belief, a belief into an opinion, an opinion into conviction, and conviction into desire – this is how the mind operates.

What is desire?

Desire is an inner belief that “I need to be something else that I am not.”

The machine of evolution is run on the lubrication of DESIRE.

This evolution itself is a big illusion because the end game of it is still going to be where we started from – the thoughtless state of pure, innocent consciousness.

( Remember, no one can escape the infinite consciousness – purna madah state ).

Desire blinds you, mesmerizes you, and it is tough to get rid of it.

We feel almost compelled by it because it is in our DNA.

You can’t get rid of desires.

But you CAN transcend them.

If this spark has started in your life and has made you realize the havoc created by this path called Sansar, you are ready for communion with the consciousness.

You cannot devolve and become an animal, but you can “evolve” further into Godliness by transcending the mind.

For that, there is MEDITATION.

Jan 01,2023

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