Where is the equality ( balance ) hidden?

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Where is the equality ( balance ) hidden?

Where is the equality ( balance ) hidden?

One answer – I think equality is hidden in nature, such as in beautiful butterflies with perfect symmetry.


Another answer –

I think consciousness is the home of equality because it is one, and it is in everyone. It is nirakar ( shapeless ), formless. It is one, so no one is superior or inferior. It doesn’t belong to any race, religion, or gender, so there is no difference, no comparison.

My two cents –

Equality is a built-in feature of consciousness, and it is equi=balanced ( sthitpragnya ) because it is infinite.

Only infinity can stay equal because any number of its divisions will also remain infinite.

( That’s why Mahavir said – everyone has a soul, and each one is infinite ).

But consciousness cannot manifest as it is because it is formless.

So, nature is its manifested form.

Naturally, whatever your built-in nature is, it will manifest in your manifestations also. ( your thoughts manifest as your actions ).

One who can see the balance in nature has started perceiving the ultimate consciousness.

We have to meditate on this observable fact all around us and build it up as a pathway to the ultimate sthitpragnya state, which itself is the nature of consciousness.


Equality is not something that stops only at manifested forms, it has to go deeper and become our nature.

Equality in evaluating people, evaluating happy and sad moments of life, equality in gains and losses.

The result of establishing this nature of equality within us leads to tremendous peace, as a majority of our thoughts become meaningless.

Carrying a Bhav of equality in our deep-seated psyche, makes us realize that there is no need to change others, and at the same time, no need to change ourselves under the influence of others – because everyone is one of the infinite manifestations and entitled to be that way.

Sthitpragnya state also leads to acceptance of each moment without a reaction (non-acceptance), leading to total peace of an observer.





Jan 19,2023

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