Where is consciousness hiding?

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Where is consciousness hiding?

Where is consciousness hiding?


Consciousness is everywhere, and we don’t even know it.

When I say, “ I saw a flower.”, we do not realize that even to say “I,” I have to “know” that there is a body that I can call “I.”

This “knowing”’ function is consciousness.

There is a distance between our core of pure consciousness and our body.

The “seeing” and the “flower” are even further remote.

The “I,” the “seeing,” and the “flower” are all floating in the ocean of invisible consciousness, the knower.

How can you say that?

Because the “flower” the experienced is impermanent, “seeing” the experience is impermanent, and even “I” the experiencer is impermanent.

In the depth of it all is the permanent consciousness, the “ultimate knower,” which never changes.

People come, people go.

Empires come, empires go.

Civilizations come, civilizations go.

The earths, the moons, the suns, the galaxies, and even the universes come and go.

All are part of that swirling mass of impermanents.

And all that is flooded with the “light” of consciousness.

The reason that we cannot perceive it is that we are lost in the impermanents.

We are lost in flower, we are lost in the seeing, and more than anything else, we are lost in “I,” which is the center of all our experiences.

We are blinded by the impermanent and can’t see the obvious.

That’s why we need to meditate, go to the center, and KNOW THE KNOWER.

That’s when your quest will be over – in the vast abyss of the ocean of pure consciousness.

Jan 01,2023

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