What’s the fundamental difference between the success in Sansar vs success in spirituality?

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What’s the fundamental difference between the success in Sansar vs success in spirituality?

What’s the fundamental difference between success in Sansar vs. success in spirituality?


I’ll narrate a story to make it easier to grasp.

Once a caravan was passing through the desert, and the king, along with his many slaves, wazir, etc.

The desert was very serene and peaceful.

Its beauty was enchanting.

The king was enjoying the scenery.

Suddenly he heard someone making a noise by counting – “ One, Two, Three, Four…..” – breaking the beautiful silence.

King said, “ Stop counting. Who is counting?”

Nobody came forward.

King asked again, but nobody came forward.

So, the king got angry, picked up his pistol, and killed one of the slaves, thinking that this might impact the rest of the crew.

The caravan started again.

But counting also started again.

King got mad again and asked the same question again.

But again, no answer, and the king killed another of his slaves.

This way, he killed all of his slaves, but the counting never stopped.

He finally killed even his wazir- his most trusted adviser.

And you know what?

The counting still didn’t stop.

And now only he and his camel were left.

He shot the camel, and that’s when counting stopped !!!

So, that’s when he realized that –


( This is not a real story. It was an advertisement by Camel cigarettes- 😊 ).

Moral of the story –

Camel is our mind.

Our mind is the one that keeps counting.


The successes in Sansar are countable.

A beggar making 10$ in a day or a successful businessman making 10 million $ in a day – the difference between the two is QUANTITATIVE only.

Both are beggars, only quantitatively different.

Success on the spiritual path brings a qualitative shift in your life.

No more running after ANYTHING that is countable, anything that is measurable – not just money, but people, objects, situations, etc.

Self-realization happens only when you realize that running after anything that is countable is futile.

Of course –

Working for your needs is one thing, and running after them is another.


OF course-

The mind is still needed to pursue its journey into the unknown, where there is no counting – because everyone who reaches the self, reaches the infinite, and infinite cannot be compared or counted.

It’s the counting that needs to stop.

In any relationship where counting is a priority, that relationship cannot prosper.

So, tell this to any Sansari, and he will understand this – anything that is countable is not IT because he only knows counting.


Why running after anything countable is futile?

Because everything that is countable is FINITE.



That’s what Mahavir said – EVERYONE IS INFINITE WITHIN. – Everyone is GOD.

Everything countable, sooner or later comes to an end, but not the infinite- it is perpetual – because it just refuses to die


Jan 19,2023

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