What is the freshest thing in life?

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What is the freshest thing in life?

What is the freshest thing in life?


We think fruits are fresh, but they were plucked a long ago before they ended up on your plate.

Picking fruit from a tree would be fresher, yes.

But let’s go deeper.

The experience of plucking and enjoying them still has to travel through our senses, then the mind has to absorb and digest it, and then we can say,” I enjoyed this fruit.”

Spirituality says this is still a remote process.

Even the air we breathe has been breathed and circulated through millions of people and animals before it comes into our breath.

So, the air is also stale ( not freshly created ).

The same air has seen billions of years of evolution happening.

Even our thoughts are remote and not fresh.

What we know now has come from other minds.

“I am Hindu, or Muslim, or Jain.” – as a thought has gone through so many minds over thousands of years, it is not new nor fresh.

If I am a doctor, my knowledge comes from many books, teachers, journals, articles, etc.

Our ideas, beliefs, convictions, etc., are given to us ultimately by Sansar; they are not freshly created in our minds.

Even thinking takes a little time.

Past, future, etc., will not exist without thinking.

So, even thinking is not fresh.

Thinking involves the mind, a spit bowl in which the whole Sansar has spitted over our entire life.

The only thing that exists, and you don’t have to think for it is – consciousness because it is beyond the mind – a mindless state.

The mind doesn’t exist then, but the consciousness still exists.

When consciousness gets conscious of itself (Samadhi state ), no thoughts are necessary; you KNOW.

All other objects, people, and situations must go through the mind – a lengthy procedure and not fresh.

Consciousness never gets destroyed, which is why it never gets born, because it is spirit.

It is one perpetually new entity because it can perceive itself instantaneously without needing external help.

If you are locked in a dark room where you can’t even see your hand, you will instantly know your existence.

So, the experience of Samadhi is the freshest experience anyone can have.

Seek, and you will find.

That’s why when you come out of meditation, you feel fresh because you traveled beyond the mind, where there is nothing but consciousness – the freshness.

Mind = Fatigue.

Consciousness = perpetual freshness.


Feb 26,2023

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