What is the difference between us and Mahavir or Buddha?

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What is the difference between us and Mahavir or Buddha?

What is the difference between us and Mahavir or Buddha?


Not much, and at the same time, a lot.

Let me explain.

When heavy rains come – streams appear where there were none before, and pre-existing feeble streams turn into roaring brooks and some barely visible waterfalls into gigantic waterfalls.

All this was due to an unexpected colossal gift of water from the heavens.

The path of spirituality is just like that.

Just as rain selects the low-lying areas to give a gift of water, consciousness also chooses to flow only in those empty minds ( of Ego ) and humble.

The flow of spirituality can start as a small stream, where it never was before.

The same consciousness turns small streams into roaring rivers and creates gigantic waterfalls of spirituality.

If we become receptive, a small stream of spirituality can start within us, and in due time it can become gigantic waterfalls like in the case of Buddha and Mahavir and Jesus or Mohammed.

It’s all a play of almighty consciousness.

Whether it is me and you or Buddha or Mahavir – none of us are anything without consciousness.

Everything will dry out without rainwater – small streams or gigantic waterfalls.

In the case of spirituality, consciousness is everything.

It turns Vardhman into Mahavir and Gautama into Buddha.

If we fly high and keep an attitude that we “know” everything, consciousness passes us by and keeps us dry as ever.

Worshipping Buddha or Mahavir would not do anything, meditate, be mindless, be thoughtless and see the stream of the magic of consciousness flow within you.




Jan 26,2023

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