What is ours?

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What is ours?

What is ours?

Our mistake is that we haven’t accepted higher power as the authority.

If we all did, the world would be a different place.

We can still be excused if we claim ownership of what we have achieved with our efforts, but we cannot be excused when it comes to our bodies.

Our body is not ours.

Something, someone made it.

Something, someone is operating it ( makes us hungry and thirsty, keeps our heart beating, keeps us breathing, makes us sleepy, and makes us fresh on waking up ).

And someday, that something, someone will dismantle it.

WE are not OURS.

Meditate on it – and contemplate on this – ” If I am not mine, who does my MINE belong to?”

The truth is, we belong to the almighty consciousness, and so does everything else – including all our possessions.

Jan 26,2023

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