What is death?

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What is death?


Death is an illusion.

It is only the separation of the mind from the body, that’s all.

But nothing really dies.

The body is assembled from 5 elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space, at the time of birth.

The same elements get disassembled at the time of death.  ( Dust to dust, ashes to ashes ).

Even during “life,” this process is happening all the time. ( and that’s how we get older ).

Birth and death are happening in our bodies, all the time.

We inhale, and we exhale, exchanging billions of molecules every second.

We eat, and we defecate.

We drink, and we urinate.

Our skin sheds billions of cells every day.

Our liver regenerates.

Science says, we totally replace our body every 7 years.

Stages of life like childhood, adolescence, youth, adult stage, and old age, don’t happen overnight,

They are gradual processes.

That means the body is dying all the time.

And despite all that, every time someone asks us,” Who are you?” – you give only one answer ” This is me.” – pointing finger at your body. 

The body is not a fixed entity.

Molecules that make our body, never get destroyed.

The same molecules that were making the dinosaurs 165 million years back are making us now. 

So, the body really doesn’t die. It just gets recycled.

And, of course, the soul also never dies,  because it is a spirit; it is formless, and it cannot die. 

Then, what really dies, at the time of death?


For the whole life, the mind has developed such closeness with the body, that it has developed a false belief that-

“I am this body. “, even though it is not.

So, under the influence of this false belief ( ignorance ) , the mind perceives this separation as DEATH.

But the mind needs the body to satisfy its desires.

So, it keeps looking for the body, and it does get one, for the next life, at the time of new birth.

And this cycle of birth and death keeps going on. forever –

Until, the mind becomes mature enough to realize the futility of such cycles, and decides to come out of them.

For that, there is spirituality, which makes you realize that you are not the body, but you are the infinite, immortal consciousness, where there is LIFE only, and no DEATH.

At that point, Nirvana happens, and cycles of birth and death come to an end.

So, meditate, and rise higher.



There is only one way to remove this wrong belief – MEDITATE.

Nov 23,2022

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