What do we learn from pots in an ocean ?

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What do we learn from pots in an ocean ?

What do we learn from pots in an ocean?


When pots are submerged in an ocean, pots have an ocean within them and also outside of them, but it is the same ocean water.

If a pot breaks down, the ocean water within its inside merges with the ocean water around it.

But no gain or loss happens to the total amount of water in the ocean.

The total amount of ocean remains the same.

Similarly, we all have a body and a mind – which constitutes our Ego.

Equate our Ego with a pot.

We all have consciousness within us ( we are conscious Vs. we could be unconscious or even dead ).

This consciousness within us is the life force that keeps us alive.

But consciousness is infinite, and so it is all around us also.

“Everything is in me, and I am in everything.” – Krishna says in Geeta.


Inside and outside is the language of pot consciousness.

We will always talk about what is inside our body and what is outside our body.

That is because we think that we are the body.

We will continue to fight and compete – as long as we consider ourselves to be the body. ( Ego ).

But with meditation, we can rise higher and become conscious of our consciousness.

At the consciousness level, inside and outside become moot points because everything is IN the consciousness because the consciousness is infinite, just the way ocean water inside the pot just merges again, without any gain or loss.

Broaden your horizons via meditation.

Develop identification with the ocean of consciousness within you and watch all competitions drop, and experience the peace of ONENESS.

Only meditation can remove this illusion.


So –

Next time you meditate, meditate AS the formless consciousness, witnessing your Ego ( body + mind ) as a pot.

– ( one of the zillions floating in the ocean of consciousness ).

Every pot ( Ego ) wants to get bigger ( because being big is their true nature – because they were born in the infinite ocean of consciousness ). ( and which they have forgotten ).

Pots collide, pots fight, pots bicker, pots compare each other, pots feel superior, pots feel inferior, pots celebrate successes, pots remorse for their failures, pots have anxiety, pots have stress, pots have depression, and pots have anger.

This whole drama of Sansar of the pots is being played in the belly of the infinite ocean of consciousness.

Pots are intelligent, and they have the power to think.

With that, they have created a concept of time and space with mutual understanding.

With that, they have created the concept of ownership of – land, house, and even each other.

No surprise, they are DOERS, doing something all the time, but have no idea why they are doing it and what will come out of this.

This has created a complex unconscious labyrinth called Sansar.

Pots are born, and pots Ct die.

New pots replace them, but this complex process of Sansar born out of self-feeding ignorance keeps on going – for eternity.

The infinite ocean of consciousness keeps watching the whole drama.

It is infinite, so it can’t be divided.

Why not?

Try dividing it – say you created two infinities.

But you can’t have two infinities because infinite has no boundaries.

So, the infinite ocean of consciousness is at total peace.

It is ONE.

It is not a doer.

Whatever it would do would be within itself. ( there is no way to step out of consciousness ).

An ocean trying to create something within itself? Doesn’t make sense.

An ocean trying to own itself? It doesn’t make sense – it already owns itself.

Imagine the bliss state of the ocean of consciousness.

Come out of the illusion.



Dec 10,2022

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