What can we learn from fireflies?

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What can we learn from fireflies?

What can we learn from fireflies?

Our lives are like that of fireflies.

We spend our whole life in showing off our lights, just like fireflies.

But we remain oblivious to the pristine, profound and silent darkness of the consciousness, which is hidden within us, as well as all around us.


As we know, the light of the fireflies is borrowed, from life itself.

But fireflies do not know that. They are not intelligent enough to understand that.

We also have light – the light of Ego, that we use to navigate the world.

We use. our name, our identifications, our possessions, etc, to live in this world.

Our Ego is “our” light.

We rely on this light all life long.

Wherever we go, we carry this light of our identification.

We don’t think about this much, but the truth is that Ego is not “our” light.

It is also a borrowed gift from life.

Our Ego is existing only because of life itself.

If consciousness decides to withdraw itself from us, our Ego will collapse into nothingness in a matter of seconds.

So, our Ego is also a borrowed light.

But unfortunately, we are also as blind as fireflies.

We also do not know this fact.

Physically of course we have evolved a long way from fireflies.

But mentally, we are still a firefly, living away our life, bragging about “our” light ( our Ego ).

We compete with other “lights” ( others Egos ). We fight, hoard, get jealous, cheat, etc, and make our own lives, miserable.

Waking up from this Ego driven life is called MEDITATION.

It exposes us to the pitch darkness hidden within us, which is not just darkness; it is a darkness with awareness. It is life itself.

And it is the ultimate source of our “light” – the Ego, without which nothing can even move, let alone shine a light.

Our Ego is an illusion, and there is only one way to eliminate this illusion – to SEE the light of life.



Dec 16,2022

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