What are our limitations in experiencing the infinite?

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What are our limitations in experiencing the infinite?

What are our limitations in experiencing the infinite?

Our limitations are many, many, many.

1. We are limited ( finite ), and consciousness is infinite.

2. We have forms, and consciousness doesn’t.

3. We count, and consciousness is countless.

4. We all run after money – some have some, some have some more, and some have a lot – and in the world of consciousness – money has no value.

5. We have created time in our minds by mutual agreement, and we keep in modulating it back and forth for our whole life. But consciousness has nothing to do with time. It is timeless.

6. We break, divide, segregate, hate, insult, get angry, based on our whims, and in reality ( at the consciousness level ), we all are ONE.

7. With our limitations, we cannot be at two places at one time ( let alone be everywhere), and consciousness is everywhere at the same time – in NOW. ( very tough concept to comprehend ).

8. The way our minds are trained, we believe that we have to do something to get something – go from point A to point B. And that’s why we “think” that God-realization also WILL happen in the future, never realizing that consciousness is always in NOW. And communion never happens.

9. Our minds are mapped out with directions – East, West, North, South, Up, Down, etc. and yet, in consciousness, there are no directions. He is everywhere. How can infinity have directions?

These and many many more logistical problems exist on the spiritual path that we have to tackle.

They are there because our minds have been born in Sansar, live in Sansar, and die in Sansar, never knowing what is beyond the Sansar.

We have been playing with a toy called Sansar and thinking that we have achieved a lot – houses, cars, fame, intelligence, etc.

We just cannot accept nothingness for these and many more reasons.

( no objects, no segregations, no discrimination, no comparisons, and even no directions – all stored in our minds only – go figure. )

Nothingness is Everythingness.

Only meditation can help us in this situation to wipe off the whole mind.

Logical discussions cannot take you there, because who will discuss? Mind only.

The mind cannot comprehend what is beyond itself.

Going beyond – has to be by “ Experiences only.”

Meditation nullifies the whole Sansar, and that includes your ideas, beliefs, conceptions, and emotions – basically 100% of what you are right now.

If you are ready, then only proceed.

When Buddha got enlightened, people asked him, “ What did you gain?”

He said,” Nothing, I lost everything.”

Jan 19,2023

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