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The trip was set, and a plan was made to go to Long Branch to watch the beautiful sunrise from the ocean at the invitation of a friend couple having a beach house in Long Branch.

It was all set to wake up at 4:15 AM, get ready by 5:00 AM and arrive in Long Branch by 6:15 AM to watch the sunrise, expected to happen at 6:33 AM.

My mind was set, and preparations were almost done by a friend and me ( as others were reluctant for such an early departure ).

Suddenly I get a phone call from the friend saying,” The weather shows that it’s going to be a cloudy day. So, it looks like we won’t have a sunrise. You can still come, and we will go for a walk by the ocean, as temperature-wise, the weather will be fantastic. “

So, looking at the weather, we canceled the plan from going that early to a few hours later with other friends who could join us if it was a later departure.

Suddenly at 6:33, I got a text from a friend that the sunrise DID happen, and it was a beautiful sunrise.

We missed out on a beautiful sunrise.

Nature is nature.

It is unpredictable.

Is unpredictability good or bad?


How should you handle unpredictability in your life, and why?

Answer –

Predictability is a function of the mind.

In a very subtle way, expecting things to be predictable IS A DESIRE.

And that’s why when things do not go as predicted ( desired ), the mind ( Ego ) gets upset.

So far, so good.

Let’s take this further deep.

Question –

If predictability is the desire of the mind, where does the unpredictability come from?

Answer –

Predictability comes from the mind.

The mind rejects unpredictability actually. It doesn’t like it.

I’ll try to make it easy – ( but it’s not. )

Let’s take step by step.

Predictability is actually a desire of the mind – as we discussed.

That means the mind wants things to go as it predicts.

So, what is the mind actually doing?

It is fantasizing about an imaginary predictable event to happen.

That means it is rolling in an imaginary future.

THAT is its fatal mistake.

Why is it a fatal mistake?

All our desires are based on predictability ( desire of it ).

Everyone desires ( and not all desires get fulfilled ), and that’s why there is so much suffering in the world.

So, when we desire, we try to imagine ( try to create ) a possible future for ourselves.

But the future is NOT PREDICTABLE.

It is unpredictable.

And why is it unpredictable?

Because the consciousness itself creates it.

The nature of consciousness is unpredictability.

And consciousness itself is the infinite existence, and infinity is its nature.

That means it can create infinite possibilities.

If there were few possibilities, we could predict.

If there were a few million possibilities, we could also predict ( maybe by using a supercomputer ).

But what are a million possibilities Vs.? INFINITE possibilities?

You got the point.

So, the mind ( we ) are fighting against God ( Godliness ) himself.

And who can win against God?

No one.

But we try, with our little minds, and suffer.

So, when an unpredictable event happens in life ( like the sunrise ), we realize the limitation of our minds.

Such a mind becomes humble.

And when the mind becomes humble, it starts recognizing the power of the almighty consciousness.

And dropping of the mind is a big event on a spiritual path.

Because, when the mind drops God realization immediately happens because there are only two things possible in this world – mind ( Ego ) or God. – You or Him.

No-mindedness is Godliness.

So, on a spiritual path unpredictability is a great welcome, as it is direct proof of the infinite capacity of the consciousness.

And Infinite capacity means freedom – freedom to do anything.

And that’s why in Samadhi state, one experiences total freedom.

So, we have 3 options –

1. Predict, and be happy, when predicted things happen.

2. Predict and be unhappy when predicted things don’t happen

But – best is

3. Don’t predict. Live in the moment – live in NOW – because NOW is the only thing that is THE TRUTH, because IT IS HERE.

1 and 2 are Sansar ( illusion ), restlessness, and suffering.

3 – is meditation – peace, tranquility, wisdom, and joy.

1,2 is rejecting unpredictability, rejecting Godliness

3 – is welcoming unpredictability, living in the lap of Godliness – perpetually.

Nov 11,2022

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