Understanding consciousness.

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Understanding consciousness.

Understanding consciousness.

There is no way to describe consciousness because there is nothing like it.

Whole Sansar is made of duality.

So, whatever we have, whatever we are running after, whatever we will achieve ( or lose ) – ( material – money, house, car, etc., or non-material – friendship, relationship, fame, defame, winning, losing, everything is RELATIVE ).

(e.g., You can’t win without someone losing.

You can’t develop a friendship without a friend ).

Even the word INFINITE is dualistic – ( Not Finite ).

But that’s because there is no language developed to describe it.

We are constrained in many ways.

It is like forcing a dumb person to describe the taste of a sugar cube.

He has known and experienced it but has no language to describe it.

Consciousness is – the absence of everything.

Everything means not just matter, but even including words and thoughts – go figure.

Even if you think of it – its uniqueness is gone.

You can only experience it.

But, after experiencing it, you can’t just put it in your memory – because then, it becomes stale, part of your mind, and that’s unacceptable.

God, part of our mind?

That’s like locking Him up.

Locking freedom?

Doesn’t make sense.



Jan 23,2023

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