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Thoughts are the bridges that originate from their home of pure undivided consciousness within you to connect with the jungle of Sansar.

Thoughts blinded with desires get lost in the jungle of Sansar, never to find their way back home, living a miserable life in Sansar.

Pure selfless thoughts leave their home, perform their mission of giving, and always find their way back home, living a life of peace and joy.


And thinking before thinking is Bhavshuddhi ( purity of attitude ), as only Bhav ( attitude ) can purify the thoughts.

Our mind always follows the sequence of Bhav-Vichar-Kriya.

( Attitude-Thoughts-Actions).

This is the pattern set by nature.

Reversing it is going against nature.

If you see a tree, it gets nourishment from the soil, which then gets distributed throughout the tree, including branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits.

A Reverse is not possible.

Similarly, in our mind, this is the sequence that it follows.

Consciousness is our soil. Next to that is the sequence – subconscious mind ( Bhav ) – conscious mind ( thoughts ) – Body ( actions ).

The conscious mind cannot change Bhav because they reside in the subconscious mind, which it cannot control.

If one tries to change the Bhav using the conscious mind, he is fooling himself.

The conscious mind is the master of creating illusions.

So, by making you believe that it has changed your Bhav, it makes you happy and think that you are on the right path and now you don’t have to do anything else.

Watch – when the right moment comes, your original Bhav will spring up, and you will return to square one.

This is the trap set by the mind one has to be aware of and avoid.

Most religions are also in this process, telling you to change your Bhav, which is impossible.

That’s why religions haven’t been successful for thousands of years.

Only by meditating, going deeper, and transforming yourself to your true self ( from Ego ( false self )  – to the soul – your true self ) can the power change the Bhav.

So, deep sadhana is necessary, as it is the only path.