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Thought of the day.

Thought of the day.


Our fights in Sansar are fights of beliefs, perceptions, and convictions – and all reside in our minds.

Even physical fights ( frictions ) find their origins in mind.

So, the ultimate battleground (Kurukshetra) is the mind, not the Sansar.

Meditation helps you convert this Kurukshetra ( where we act ) into Dharmakshetra by infusing Dharma ( righteousness ) into it.

Meditation makes you see where the mind is lost in pleasures, and it also makes you see where it is lost in suffering and helps you rise above them both into a balanced state of sthitpragnya.

This gives you a “bird’s eye view “ of your life in Sansar and guides you to the final destination – pure consciousness.

Calmness comes only when you can accept pleasures and sufferings. Both are ESSENTIAL components of Sansar.

Maturity is in realizing them both as distractions from the spiritual path.

This realization is buddhi ( wisdom ) – a gift of and a link to consciousness.

Jan 19,2023

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