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Thought of the day.

It is hard to surrender to God/consciousness because we haven’t realized that that is us.

For those who believe in an external God, placing faith in something external is difficult and unreasonable.

For those who deny that the life force behind us has the quality of Godliness, placing faith in something less than perfect and whole seems folly. Once we realize there is a God, but it sees through our eyes, we can surrender.

– Courtesy – Yash Mehta

My two cents –

There is not an ounce of difference between us and God ( Godliness ), just that there is no difference between a wave and an ocean, a bangle, and gold.

“Difference “- we have created in ignorance,
of this fact.

“Difference” is a belief, not a fact.

A belief is flimsy, and it can be unbelieved, also.

That’s why we need meditation, where we are going through the process of unbelieving our own beliefs – the greatest being, “ I am this body.”

Observe the mind; all beliefs eventually give in, and THE TRUTH surfaces.

When THE TRUTH surfaces, one realizes that one is God, but everyone and everything is also God.

Godliness is the totality minus all the differences or rather inclusive of all the differences.

Jan 19,2023

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