The Beauty of the Aster Flower

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The Beauty of the Aster Flower

The beauty of the Aster Flower

Tiny delicate Asters are displaying their beauty in the rising sun.

We look at the beauty of a flower, take a picture of two to brag about our picture-taking skills, and walk away.

We never contemplate on things. ( We are too busy for all that ).

( Contemplation is leaving yourself, leaving your Ego, and taking a deep interest in the surroundings. )

How much of this beauty can the Aster claim as its own?

If we look at this, the Aster is a final result of the conjoined efforts of all the elements of the universe.

The plant of Aster came out of the EARTH – which supported its nutritional needs.

The leaves created food with the help of FIRE ( of the sun ).

WATER gave sustenance to the whole plant, without which it would wither and die. ( 62% of our body is water ).

The AIR provided carbon dioxide to the plant, of which the carbon made its leaves, and the air took the oxygen back.

The emptiness around ( SPACE ) provided room for the plant to grow.

And some unknown “hands” of formless GODLINESS put all these together – mysteriously.


How much of this beauty can the Aster claim as its own? – “0”.

We are no different than this Aster.

We are also a flower of consciousness.

It’s time to let our foolish Ego go, which says “I am” and tell it – “No, you are NOT”.


Ego is like “ Fool’s Gold.” ( Pyrite )

It thinks that it is holding something very valuable.

Valuable only to its own belief.

In reality, it is holding onto something totally worthless.

Worthless for others ( who cares about your Ego? ).

Worthless to nature.


Worthless to God Himself.

In no time, you will disappear like these Asters.

Spend your precious time merging with Him rather than serving your foolish Ego.


Living life in gratitude is the ultimate devotion to Godliness.


Our belief in it sustains the house of the Ego, and we have built it up brick by brick, thought by thought.

The way to dismantle Ego is to doubt it first, taking bricks away, one by one.

Take attention away from it and invest your attention right into attention itself ( the consciousness ), and watch the house of the Ego crumbling down in front of your eyes.

We need to do this because the Ego is the house of suffering, and beyond this house is the vast open infinite existence, full of peace and tranquility, waiting for us.

Whatever you believe in can also be disbelieved.

Take control of your life into your hands with meditation.


Meditation provides you with another entity to believe in by bringing it in limelight –

On the path of meditation, FAITH comes in the end, followed by DEVOTION.

On the path of Bhakti, FAITH, and DEVOTION have to be there right in the beginning ( blind faith of course, at this point ).

For people with devotional inner makeup, bhakti marg is better.

For investigative, curious minds, meditation is better.

Neither path is easy, of course.


And as belief in consciousness keeps getting deeper and deeper, it turns into FAITH.





Nov 23,2022

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