Source of honesty..

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Source of honesty..

Source of honesty.


Osho says, “We all have become a big lie – walking around with that lie within us, yet we all are trying to look honest outside.”


This ascendence is all within US and from US to the divine within us.

Stop blaming the Sansar and stop seeking help from Sansar.

It’s all about YOU, by YOU, and for YOU.

There is only one source of honesty – consciousness.


The ultimate proof of honesty is in your eyes.

If you can look at anything and anyone without generating any desire or aversion, honesty ( innocence ) has started taking foot in you.

You can practice it, and you will realize that it is not easy.

And it’s fine.

But meditate along that path, and eventually, honesty will start filtering into your personality.

Our mistake is that we haven’t accepted higher power as the authority.

If we all did, the world would be a different place.

We can still be excused if we claim ownership of what we have achieved with our efforts, but we cannot be excused when it comes to our bodies.

Our body is not ours.

Something, someone made it.

Something, someone is operating it ( makes us hungry and thirsty, keeps our heart beating, keeps us breathing, makes us sleepy, and makes us fresh on waking up ).

And someday, that something, someone will dismantle it.

WE are not OURS.

Meditate on it.


Jan 25,2023

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