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Silence is wondering…

There are words everywhere.
There is noise everywhere.
There are languages everywhere.

There are actions, and there are reactions.
There are climbs, and there are falls.
There are shouts of winning and cries of losing.

Births are celebrated, and deaths are mourned.
Wins are enjoyed, and losses are suffered.
Crooks are worshipped, and innocents are ridiculed.

Should I enter this cacophony?
Should I try to explain myself to others?
Will they understand the language of silence?

Should I? Should I? Should I?


I would rather stay in my perpetual home – THE SILENCE.


– Dr. Shrenik Shah.

Within you, in your Atma ( the soul ), there is a perpetual home where silence is the home, silence is the resident,  silence is the language, and and silence is the listener of that language.

Feb 17,2023

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