Science and spirituality.

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Science and spirituality.

Science and spirituality.

Spirituality is not a miracle.

It is a science.

You are the scientist, and you are studying yourself – to find the truth.

When a scientist discovers that water boils at 100 degrees, he only shares the truth – which exists with or without him.

Everyone can do the same experiment and discover the same truth.

The truth does not concern the scientist, you, or anyone else.

The truth remains as is.

If anyone wants to study himself, that’s entirely his choice.

So, nothing happens in spirituality without the self-will to discover your true self.

And the truth is – there is a beautiful, enormous infinite field of silence that exists within and without all of us.

Silence is the ultimate truth.

More time we waste in thinking, talking, managing life, managing people, running for acquiring and hoarding things, winning arguments, trying to make others happy ( on unhappy), trying to make someone or something yours – we are walking away from that silence – and walking away from that truth.

Discover this truth within you, and realize that there is nothing and no one yours – ONLY YOU ARE YOURS – and it is perfectly fine.

Your grip on each other, material objects, and any product of those interactions does not let you find the truth.

But that does not mean that the truth is lost.

It just waits for you to discover it.

It can wait for you forever because it is timeless.

Give up the grip, and the truth surfaces by itself effortlessly.

And in this enormous field of silence grows diamonds of peace, unconditional love, friendship, equality, and freedom for all.

Jan 19,2023

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