Sansar Vs Samadhi.

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Sansar Vs Samadhi.

Sansar Vs Samadhi.


Only two Bhav ( Innermost sense of Self-identification, deepest belief )  are necessary to ride over the Sansar –

Sansar = Impermanence

Consciousness ( peace, tranquility, wisdom, silence ) = Permanence

Sansar and consciousness are mirror images of each other. One is real and one is not – choose ONE.


Mind, body ( with its senses ), and the physical world ( Physical Sansar ), keep generating millions and millions of experiences in life, keeping us occupied all the time, thinking that we are doing something meaningful.

But one glimpse of the permanent Samadhi state ( Reality ) pulverizes them in one second as transient, flimsy and so unreal.



Jan 27,2023

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