Quantum Entanglement and Spirituality

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Quantum Entanglement and Spirituality

The Nobel prize was awarded for finding “ Quantum Entanglement.”

Quantum physics has always fascinated me.

In the physical world, the fastest speed is the speed of light – 186,000 miles per second.

But scientific observations have shown that entangled particles ( photons or electrons etc.) communicate with each other almost instantaneously ( no matter how far apart they are ), at the quantum level ( or even beyond the quantum level ?).

So the hypothesis is that there is another medium to communicate, which is beyond the physical universe.

So, science is approaching closer to consciousness, which connects everything and everyone via a complex matrix, which is incredibly faster than light ( almost instantaneously ).

Science has started accepting consciousness as an actual entity.

Chinese scientists have presumably calculated the speed of communicating in entanglement, and it comes out to be – almost 2500 million miles per second ( a big gigantic step above the speed of light at 186,000 miles per second !! ).

This observed and confirmed phenomenon is so spooky that Einstein refused to accept it.

Just the way Einstein broke Newtonian physics by introducing quantum physics, entanglement is breaking the boundaries set by Einstein ( as Einstein refused to accept anything faster than light ).


Is consciousness entangled?

Instead, consciousness is entangled with the physical universe, so much so that neither can be explained without the other. It is this relationship that gives meaning to any further phenomenon – the entangled relationship between a subjective experience (i.e., consciousness) and the physical universe is life.

The inner experience of meditation that we experience we describe as consciousness.

And consciousness can be proven to exist only if there is something to be conscious of.

That’s why the above statement describes consciousness as an entangled state of the physical universe, as it connects every single component of the universe at a breakneck speed.

This, of course, still is a hypothesis for science.

If further experiments are done at the consciousness level, then ESP ( extra senatorial perception ), intuition, parapsychology, telepathy, etc., can be proven to exist.

Consciousness starts becoming “alive” by just witnessing the physical world and its products – including happiness and suffering.


But obviously, the inner state of Samadhi is far higher than even the consciousness because being conscious is only one attribute of the Samadhi state, which is described as –

Sat- existence

Chitt – consciousness and

Anand – Bliss state.

But science has limitations, as it only deals with the physical world, so it cannot go beyond the attribute of “ consciousness “ of the Samadhi state.

The other two attributes, Sat and Anand, are only experienceable states.

They are subjective states and not objective states that can be studied in a laboratory.

So spirituality will always be ahead of science.



Nov 19,2022

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