Nature of God ( Godliness ).

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Nature of God ( Godliness ).

Nature of God ( Godliness ).

The Nature of Godliness is silence.

That something, that someone that makes “US” operates in total silence.

So, to meet Him, you have to reverse your direction. ( opposite of Sansar ) ( Parmita – Buddha’s word for Pratikraman ( atikrraman = attack on someone ) ( prati = opposite – an attack on self ).

Instead of staying busy accumulating MINE, you must go BEHIND ME, where you will find Him.

His language is silence.

He will talk to you only if you are in silence, or better – only if you ARE the silence. ( BECOME the silence ).

You must transcend ( un-own ) everything you have gained here so far ( not give it away – realize it is not yours ).

Not just material possessions but non-material possessions – like name, fame, knowledge, etc. also.

Also, you must transcend all your emotions – anger, greed, deception, hatred, desires, attachments ( Kasays ), etc. (acquired while operating in Sansar ) – because they disturb the silence.

Give up the words and even give up the thoughts.

Then you are ready for communion, and it happens – in SILENCE.

Jan 26,2023

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