Mahavir’s Path to Moksha in six steps.

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Mahavir's Path to Moksha in six steps.


Mahavir’s Path to Moksha in six steps. 

  1. Pehle Dhyan ( first meditate ).

2. Dhyanse mile Gyan ( meditation brings knowledge ( of the self ).

3. Gyanse mile Darshan ( knowledge leads to the appearance of consciousness everywhere)

4. Darshanse Charitra ( purification of your character )

5. Charitrase Taap ( pure character leads to withdrawal of our senses )

6. Taapse Moksha ( when spirituality comes into your life – it leads to Moksha ).

– Mahavir  – the champion of meditation.


Mahavir does not advise ” Do this.” and “Don’t do this.”


Telling people to change their personalities is easy.

Anyone can do that.

But it is artificial.

Most religions are into advising people.

But nobody tells you – HOW?

So Mahavir has laid out a well-defined path for improving your character, which ultimately takes you to Moksha.

This path, as above, involves Meditation ( Dhyan )  as the first step.

Through meditation, one can reach their soul.

Knowing the soul whose nature is THE ULTIMATE KNOWLEDGE, then starts transforming your life from within.

The nature of the soul is to be infinite and permanent.

Once, your exposure to the infinite happens, your desires for Sansar starts waning off, as the nature of the Sansar is finite, temporary, impermanent.

So, this leads to realization that – everything about the Sansar is also impermanent.

So, in the light of the permanent, the impermanent starts losing it appeal.

Once desires stop, miracle happens in your life, because, without desires, your competition with others vanish, leading to a total peace in your life.

Competition is the cause of greed, anger, hatred, deceit, etc.

With absence of all the kasays ( enemies I – Krodh ( anger ), Moh ( desire ), Mad ( egoism ), and Maya ( deceit ), your path to Moksha becomes easy.

And yet, most of the Jains areattempting to cleanse their Charitra ( character ), but without following this sequential path of – “Dhyan, Gyan, Dharshan, Charitra, Taap, Moksha “, this is impossible.

Trying just to fix the Charitra without Dhyan ( difficult ) and without Gyan ( knowledge of the self ) ( even more difficult ) is like putting plastic flowers on a tree, without going through the arduous journey of deepening the roots ( meditation ), finding the nourishment ( soul ), and let it make the tree flourish and finally producing the flowers.

So, beware – there are no shortcuts on the spiritual path.








Dec 17,2022

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