Life wants to live.

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Life wants to live.

Life wants to live



Taking a stroll in the backyard in mild February weather, I noticed a spring bulb I had planted last fall, now trying to come out.

I noticed that a piece of roof shingle which probably had flown and landed over it over the winter.

But the bulb is not deterred by it.

It is finding its way out and, against all odds, circumventing the obstacles, is trying to come out and express itself.

It’s not the bulb, but the life hidden within it is trying to express itself.

Each life form ( including us ) carries the same life within itself.

Life is flexible and resilient and can overcome tremendous obstacles and still express itself.

When we meditate, and we seek and find the consciousness within, it is not just consciousness, and it is not just awareness or Shunya state, or silence – IT IS LIFE ITSELF, flowing within us, and life is perpetual.

Meditation is not just going within and finding peace for ourselves just because we are tired of the sufferings of Sansar.

That would be a too selfish and ego-driven journey.

Meditation is finding that LIFE within us, which is the LIFE GIVING LIFE, and letting it express its freedom, resilience, and strength built into it.

Our job is to respect it because it is the divinity itself and not to crush it with our delusional, ignorant, and negligent material thoughts.

Keep them at bay, listen to the inner message via meditation, and watch the miracle of the LIFE flourishing by itself and spreading righteousness in the world.

A tiny spring bulb is here now and will not be here tomorrow, but while it is here, it is carrying that valuable message for us.

Feb 17,2023

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