Importance of Faith.

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Importance of Faith.

Importance of Faith.

(Before reading this post, please listen to the “What is Faith?” video. )


Faith is an absolute must.

No one can survive without faith.

Faith is necessary because of the limitations of the mind to see beyond itself.

Faith means acceptance of mental limitations – the limitations of the Ego.

We use faith in day-to-day life, and we don’t even know it, and we call ourselves intellectuals and make fun of non-intellectuals who live by faith.

Faith is that unknowable force that makes us function in our daily lives.

The cement of faith holds our life together – even the Sansaric faith.

But we have a scientific mind now and are not ready to accept such non-scientific talks.

Ego comes in the way.

It tells you, “Faith is foolishness; you have science to believe in; why do you need faith?”

(Look where we are with science – on the brink of a nuclear war ).

So, we never learn.

Only by deeply reflecting on our lives can we realize this fact.

Even by analyzing the Sansaric faith, we should be able to realize the limits of our Ego, and if we submit our Ego every single day, why are we still hooked on it?

Why don’t we turn it inward, submit the Ego to the highest entity of all – the consciousness, and let spiritual faith ( the ultimate faith of all ) flow in our lives, making our lives a kingdom of heaven?

Mar 15,2023

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