I am the ONE.

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I am the ONE.

 I am the one.

I am the one who made you from nothing. 

I am the one who gave you life.

I am the one who gives you constant urja ( energy ) from within, every day. 

I am the one who wakes you up in the morning after repairing all the damage done to your body while you were climbing the mountains and smelling the flowers, bathing in the lakes, and laughing with friends, all of them also my makings. 

I am the one who silently watched you in those moments, also. 

I am the one who is within you and without.

I am the one who forces you to breathe, makes you hungry and forces you to eat, and keeps your heart pumping. 

I am the one who never leaves you, and neither can you leave me. 

I am the infinite one. Wherever you go, you will find me. 

I am the one who is the owner of billions of universes. 

I am the one without whom you wouldn’t exist, even for a second. 

I am the one who someday will take you back into my nothingness. 

No worries. 

Come to me now, I will give you immortality because I am the perpetual life.

You can’t see me, so I will give you special eyes of awareness to see me. 

Do not stress. Come to me, and I will give you joy because I am the joy. 

 For your chaos, I am the silence. 

For your frictions, I am the peace. 

I am the life force in you, I am the consciousness in you – your best friend. 

I am the nothingness, but I am everythingness also. 


Nov 23,2022

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