How to respond to other’s anger.

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How to respond to other's anger.


How do you respond to others’ anger?

Question –

Staying calm and egoless is helpful; however, handling an angry person is also an art. Walking away or avoiding them is perhaps the best.

But sometimes, an angry person expects an opposite person to react, and if you don’t, the mad person gets even more furious.

What do you recommend?

Answer –

I concur with you.

Handling an angry person is an art in itself.

These are the steps that I follow.

Step 1.

Analyze the reason for the anger, and decide in your best judgment and remaining impartial – if the cause for the anger I s valid or not.

Anger, no matter how bad it is, sometimes can be for a proper reason.

We all are seekers of TRUTH.

If you find truth in his anger, concur with the person, and this might diffuse the situation right away, as the objective of the offense has been met.

If you decide that anger is for the wrong reason, then –

Step 2.

Walk away in peace – if you can.

( I walk away from any situation where parties are getting angry at each other because anger is a result of the loss of one’s control over oneself, and nothing good can come out of it ).

If anger is directed towards me, I still do the same, walk away or funnel the discussion in a different direction to be continued in the future, whenever possible.

This might diffuse the situation because anger continues and requires a return response, just like everything else made in Sansar.

Everything is relative in this world because the whole Sansar is based on duality.

For clapping, you need two hands.
To be called rich, you need a poor.
Day needs a night to be defined.

Same way, anger also needs a partner.

So walking away takes that dualistic support for the anger out.

If walking away is not an option, then –

Step 3.

Stay calm without any response.

Not responding is not a negative approach.

There is strength in silence.

Giving anger in return is easy; anyone can do it.

But remaining silent is tough.

It takes a lot of courage to remain resolute in difficult situations like this, because this courage is not from this world.

It arises from consciousness.

Silence is positivity, and anger is not.

And positivity has strength, fearlessness, and wisdom because it is THE TRUTH, and Sansar is not.

Silence equates to strength.

Talking back is a weakness because, by talking, YOU are trying to control the situation yourself, and YOU = EGO.

Silence ( consciousness ) is stronger than Ego ( mind ).

How do you develop spiritual strength and wisdom?


Atma ( soul ) is the only free and fearless entity because it is not dependent on anything or anyone.

Planets cannot exist without the Sun, but Sun can exist by itself.

Clouds cannot exist without a sky, but the sky can live without clouds.

So there is built-in fearless freedom in the soul, which a spiritual seeker taps into.

Step 4.


Advise the person. Never do it when he is angry.

Anger is a product of a single-track mind, and it is not open to alternative thinking

Nov 20,2022

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