How to live life?

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How to live life?

There are only two ways to live life, a life of the mind or a life of the soul.

The mind likes repetition.

The mind needs the support of others.

It needs to follow.

That’s why the mind looks for ways to copy others, believe others, follow others, and find comfort in conformity ( with the Sansar ).

So the mind lives a life of bhid ( crowd ) ( like a herd of sheep ).

We copy others in eating, drinking, thinking, religions, everything.

We believe in billboards, we believe in social media.

Our thinking is not independent.

Only when we connect with the soul, do we become independent, we become free, our thinking, and our actions become free, and that’s the only life we truly are living, because the soul is where joy is.

When we only copy others, we are living for them, not for ourselves, and that’s not joy, it is barely a comfort knowing that we fit in the crowd, and that’s not life.

Experience the consciousness – that’s the game changer.

Nov 23,2022

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