How to handle an illness in life.

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How to handle an illness in life.

How to handle an illness in life.

Illness and health play hide and seek in our life, like the Sun and the clouds in the sky.

Imagine having no health ( the Sun ) and only illness ( the clouds )in our life; we will get used to it and accept it as daily life. We won’t hate it as much.

And imagine having no illness, only health; every day, we will think that life is good and never explore the ultimate truth.

When Sun comes, we love it; when clouds come, we hate them.

We are wasting our energy in both cases.

We should, of course, thank our health, but we should equally thank illness.

If we accept both as necessary parts of the total life and don’t emotionalize them, then a new path opens for us – the middle path, the path of neutrality, which, when practiced right, reaches a sthitpragnya state.


Apply the same to everything.

Friends and enemies both are necessary in life.

Money and shortage of it also are necessary.

Winnings and losings both are necessary.

Accepting them all is like accepting the duality of day and night, winter and summer, birth and death, etc. – as that is the true nature of life and rising above it all.

And after an arduous sadhana of it – you find THE FAITH.

When you are sick –

Do everything necessary for the body, but without the mind getting involved.

You need to be fully aware and not let the mind start labeling good and bad.

See the act of consciousness in the illness also and accept it.

Mar 02,2023

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