How to find God, staying in Sansar.

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How to find God, staying in Sansar.

How to find God, staying in Sansar.

We live in Sansar, breathe in the Sansar, eat in the Sansar, and die in Sansar also.

All around us, all we see is duality – each one is separate from the others.

We don’t see any God in it.

Where do we find this non-dual God ( Advait )?

Sansar is dual, no question about it, but that is not the real problem.

The problem is with our dual mind.

When we look at the Sansar, the Sansar does not actually “come” into our mind physically.

We take only its images ( including our body’s image ) and hold on to them in our Chitta as duality – “ me and others.”

It is just like when Raam wanted to play with the full moon in the sky and his mother Kaushalya was not capable of doing that, she showed him the reflection of the moon in a plate filled with water, and that was enough to satisfy Raam.

So, all our life, we just keep playing with IMAGES of the Sansar in our minds.

What “material” we use to create these images?

We use pure undivided consciousness to create this duality in our minds.

( Like clay is used to make various pots ).

But the mind is foolish; it only looks forward and believes in duality as reality.

( It is like a pot maker getting mesmerized by the various shapes and sizes of the pots and forgetting about the clay completely.)

The mind never “looks” backward, ( because it can’t – it is designed only to look forward ).

Only Dhyan has the power to withdraw from this confusion created by the mind and make things simple.

Doing Dhyan makes you realize that – whether I create my own image in my mind or images of others, all these images are nothing but my own consciousness, just in modified form.

( Pots are many, clay is one ).

We see different images ( duality ) because we don’t see the common source of both – the pure undivided consciousness.

Samadhi is that state where consciousness can fold onto itself and realize that all these images were created from itself.

( Reality is the clay. )

Since our mind is caught in duality only, it never stops.

It keeps thinking and thinking constantly, keeping “me” in the center and everyone else.

It’s like making our two hands fight and never realizing that both are our hands and the fight will only harm us, no one else.

All thoughts are based on this belief that duality is real – but it is not – it is a trick of the Maya ( illusion ).

Only meditation can lift you out of this ignorance.

When the lamp of “knowledge “ ignites within us – we realize that “I” am consciousness, and so is everyone else.

So, where is the conflict when everyone is the same consciousness?


Don’t try to resolve the duality of the Sansar.

Science has already done it and resolved that the universe came from a single source ( Big Bang Theory ).

Now, you must resolve the duality within your mind and find that single source – pure undivided consciousness – the oneness, which is your only source from which duality arose.

Walk in the Sansar with that bhav of oneness and see how life transforms – for you and others around you.

“ I am in everything, and everything is in me.” – is the ultimate statement of ONENESS by Krishna – in Geeta.


Mar 11,2023

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