How to donate.

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How to donate.

How to donate. 

There are four kinds of donations.

1. Money – the lowest kind of donation. As soon as you donate and turn around, the person who received it can do anything with it, even in activities, you may not have intended for its use.
The connection between the two is lost.

2. Time. Spending your time for someone is a step above. E.g., a father spending time with his son, helping him with his homework or playing a game, etc., or you spending time with someone who needs your presence. Eg spending time with patients in a nursing home.

3. Giving away a piece of your mind to someone. E.g., the father gives up alcohol ( which has taken over his life ) for his family’s future.

4. Giving knowledge. Any knowledge with which another person can change his life. E.g., a plumber teaching plumbing to his son can become his livelihood.

But of course, the highest gift is the “knowledge of the self “ – the ultimate knowledge.


And of course, for that, you need to MEDITATE.

Dec 23,2022

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