How to convert a negative life to a positive one.

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How to convert a negative life to a positive one.

How to convert a negative life to a positive one.

The key to living a positive life is hidden in this picture.

Darkness is not real; it is just an absence of light – the light is real.


Because you can do something with the light but nothing with the darkness.

You can’t pick it up and throw it out of the window because it is not real.

Doing anything with darkness is ignorance.

Darkness and light may be opposite of each other, but they are not two distinct entities; one is the absence of the other.

They are two sides of the same coin.

To remove the darkness, you must do something real – light up a lamp, and it happens instantaneously.

We see a lot of negativities in Sansar, and we consider them to be real.

But they are not real; they are only the absence of positivities – which are real – and we are not doing anything about them.

For example, if someone hates us, we respond as if it is real.

We will either get upset or hate them back, talk to others about it, and try to console ourselves, etc.

But hatred is darkness – the absence of light of love in the hating person.

Similarly, if we have hatred for others, we shouldn’t try to “remove” hatred but explore within and ignite love.

And for others, we should just feel sorry for them because they are lacking something – love.

( Just the way one has diabetes from not having enough insulin ).

Similarly – analyze each and every negativity within you or outside of you.

Dislikes – an absence of liking.

Anxiety – is an absence of faith.

Anger – is an absence of regard for others.

Desires – an absence of contentment.

Lying – is an absence of truth.

Discrimination – is an absence of equality.

Suffering – is an absence of Bliss.

Stress – is an absence of peace.

Ignorance – is an absence of knowledge ( of self ).

Don’t waste your time, fighting negativities in your mind or the minds of others.

For yourself, explore within and find the consciousness – a single source of all positivities – the real light.

For others, feel sorry for them for not having corresponding positivities in their lives and move on, since you can’t change them, only they can change themselves.

That’s the way to live a positive life, within and without.

Even responding to the negativity of someone, or acknowledging the negativity of your own, is staying in negativity.

Stay out of them and their vicious cycles of thoughts.

Just seek positivity within, believe in it, and stay in it and automatic conversion of your life will happen.

Why should we choose positivity over negativity?

Because negativity makes us smaller, contracted, Vs. Positivity, which lets us expand.

Hatred can last a short time, but love can last forever.

Anxiety comes and goes, but faith can stay forever.

Anger comes and goes, but respect for others can stay forever.

Stress can come and go, but peace can last forever.

Positivity is an expansion because its source is the infinite connection.

Anger localizes and limits your energy on one person ( contracted state ).

Forgiveness and walking away prevents the wastage of your energy and give you a state of expansion.

Same thing with desires.

Desires limit you to one object or person – a state of contraction.

Desireless ness gives you freedom – a state of expansion.

All expansions ultimately connect you with Godliness which is infinite

Feb 25,2023

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