How many eyes do you have?

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How many eyes do you have?

How many eyes do you have?

The average answer will be of course – 2 – the two eyes with which we see the world.

People on a spiritual path will say – 3 – the third eye of enlightenment, awakening, etc.

But, I say we have 4 eyes.

The 2 eyes with which we see what is out there.

These two eyes bring two different sets of views of the world ( because the location of each eye is different ).

Then our body works very hard and merges both views to create a single stereoscopic image out of it.

Even after that, the final image we get is still upside down.

So, our brain works again very hard and turns that image upright again – to give us a final correct view of the world.

We never realize how much work our body goes through so that we can see this world.

But eyes are products of consciousness, so they bring to us everything – AS IS.

And then of course our mind( again a product of consciousness ) interprets this and makes sense of it, as to what we saw.

So this eyes-mind complex makes the world meaningful for us – this is a gift of consciousness.

But that’s not where we stop.

We have a third eye developed by our own mind – the eye of ignorance, the eye of superimpositions.

This eye sees, what is not even out there.

Out of ignorance, and not being happy with whatever is out there, our desires, our fears, our anxiety, our hatred, our discrimination, our inhibitions, etc, see even what is not out there.

The eyes see a female, the mind sees beauty ( or ugliness ) in her.

The eyes see a person of a different color, and the mind sees a person of a superior or inferior race.

The eyes see a person with a different belief, the mind sees him with hatred or love based on one’s own belief.

The eyes see changing weather out there, and the mind sees it as something to like or something to hate.

The eyes see a birth, the mind celebrates, and the eyes see a death, the mind mourns.

This eye, the Ego – the eye of ignorance, is the eye with which we see the world – the world of superimpositions – a self-created fake and distorted world – a world that is not out there.

This eye is the cause of our suffering.

But, we do have the fourth eye – a gift of consciousness.

The eye of final correction.

This eye, the eye of consciousness, again corrects our eye of ignorance, turns it upside down, and gives us a final clarity, a final vision to see the world again – JUST AS IS – nothing more and nothing less.

So these are our 4 eyes

1,2 – Two eyes + mind – nature’s creation

3. The eye of ignorance – our creation

4. The eye is consciousness – the gift of consciousness itself.

Let’s find it within.

Nov 23,2022

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