Happy New Year?

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Happy New Year?

Happy New Year? Really?

How can a “year” be happy?

Instead, we should say “Happy New You.”


One year is a massive collection of millions of frames of moments.

Each moment is fresh and NEW because every new moment has never come into our life before and never will, ever.

Many years have passed in life, and year after year, we have been wishing each other a “ Happy New Year.” blindly.

Has it helped?

If it did, we would see happy people everywhere, but do we? NO.

So, where is the problem?

The problem is that by wishing for a happy new year, we are transferring the responsibility to the outside world ( nature + Sansar ) to manage somehow and, from somewhere, bring happiness to each other’s doorsteps.

But happiness does not fall from the sky.

Isn’t this a naive and childish way of thinking?

Is happiness in the “year,” or is it hidden in us?

Who is responsible for our happiness, us or the world?

If we rely on the world to make us happy, that happiness will be worth two cents because what the world gives can ( and always does) also take it away.


Why would the world care for your happiness, as everyone is busy trying to make themselves happy?

Isn’t all this wishing thing superfluous and shallow?

We need to wake up, resolve to change ourselves this year, and find out where happiness is hiding.

Non-happiness is hidden in our minds ( desires, greed, anger, deception, complexes, hatred, discrimination, fear, etc.) – that we know.

Beyond this non-happiness is happiness – in the consciousness within us.

Let’s rephrase the wish to –

“ HAPPY NEW YOU.” – take responsibility for your own happiness, change yourself, and you will be drinking the nectar of happiness out of every single moment.

Because, now your happiness is in your hands, not others.

Learn to accept life as is – with its happy moments and sadness.

How we respond to them is in our hands.

As time goes on and such moments keep accumulating, eventually, it will become a “ HAPPY NEW YEAR.” for you.


The key is in your hands – use it or toss it.



Jan 01,2023

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