Giving Vs Receiving.

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Giving Vs Receiving.


Giving Vs. Receiving.

If you look around, the basic elements of nature are all constantly giving.

The earth, water, fire, air, space – they don’t gain anything from you.

What does the earth gain from you? Nothing.

And still, it keeps on bearing your weight, keeps on producing food for you,
and takes you back when your life ends, only to create another being.

What does air get from you? Nothing.

And still not keeps bringing you vital oxygen to survive.

Water makes up 62% of your body, quenches your thirst, makes your blood and vital fluids in your body, and yet what does water get from you? Nothing.

Fire burns your food and gives you energy. Sunburns and gives you light and energy, and yet, what does fire get from you? Nothing.

Space allows you to roam all over and gives you room to grow. What can you give to the space? Nothing.

You have nothing to give to the universe, yet the whole universe gives you.

We are the product of a beautiful state of giving in which the universe exists.

So –

Giving is staying closer to our true nature, and desiring is drifting away from it.

Analyze your suffering, and you will always find a hidden desire.

You want something, and you are not getting it = suffering.

( If you were getting it, then you wouldn’t be suffering. )

Only an honest, bold, deep reflective analysis will take you there.

Desiring is begging.

Have you ever found a happy beggar?

Desiring is also effortful because it involves changing the universe to your wish.

And it’s not always the money that we desire.

We desire fame, we desire recognition, and we desire inclusion.

Even we desire God Himself and the heavens in the afterlife.

The moment you desire, your suffering has started.

And you have suffered enough in life.

So try something new.

Be a giver.

Our mind has very limited energy.

Stop spending that limited energy on desiring.

What will happen then?

Giving will automatically start arising from within, which is your real hidden nature.

But be careful; if you expect anything in return for this giving, then you have missed the point.

Just give, and don’t bother to think of the return.

( Thinking = mind, not thinking = Joy ).

When you reach such a state, a miracle happens.

An infinite joy will arise from within, and within is the infinite source.

After all, how much joy can finite people give you?

So, for being a giver, the heavens take you in themselves.

It’s your heavenly reward for synchronizing with the universe.


So, we have realized that GIVING is more joyful than RECEIVING.

So, what should be our next plan?


How to become a GIVER?


We cannot BECOME a giver.

We can BE a giver.

There is a difference.

BECOMING is making efforts to become something that you are not.

BEING is discovering your true Swaroop (self-picture – no true English word for “roop “ – sorry ).

Right now, as we are, we all are in receiving state – more desires, more want, more this, more that – all because we think that by BECOMING something, we will be happier.

But when it comes to our innate nature, this philosophy, this method, doesn’t work.

If you are a doctor and want to become an engineer, fine, it can be done with proper studies and hard work.

But if you are a male, and someone tells you that becoming a male will be more beneficial, you will look at him with surprise – “ what are you saying? I’m a male already.”

Same way, GIVERSHIP is already built into our nature because we are the ansh (a small fraction ) of divine consciousness.

So, you cannot BECOME a giver, but you can discover that you ARE a giver.

You just have to meditate, use analytical skills, observe yourself, observe the world, study day-to-day life events, read scriptures, discuss scriptures, and do Satsang, and clarity starts surfacing one step at a time.

Eventually, the kingdom of consciousness gets established someday, and you will say,” Why do I have to BECOME a GIVER? I AM A GIVER.”

When RECEIVERSHIP is realized to be futile, GIVERSHIP comes to the surface.


Meditation is all about giving up all efforts and seeing what’s left behind. ( You will find – a lot ).

The first step is to accept yourself as you are, nothing more and nothing less.

Only after 100% acceptance of yourself next step will surface from within.


Continue to check if you are wearing the CAP of contentment, acceptance, and peace.



Nov 23,2022

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