From Snow Fall to Buddha.

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From Snow Fall to Buddha.

From Snow Fall to Buddha.


It was 1:30 AM last night, and somehow, I lost sleep.

I looked out the window and saw beautiful snowflakes coming down.

I contemplated the snowfall.

In nature, nothing stands by itself.

You would not find snow by itself.

If snow is falling, there must be clouds in the sky.

If clouds are there, they must have a water source – the ocean.

If the oceans are there, there have to be many rivers filling them up.

Don’t just look at the snowfall, be happy, take pictures, and share and feel that “ I am done.”

No, look at the whole life reflectively, where everything and everyone is connected, whether the connection is obvious to us or not.

Suppose we start looking at the Sansar as an interconnected process rather than a mixture of zillions of individualized Egos.

With that vision, we will develop much clarity in our thinking process.

This clarity will bring connectivity with the whole universe in our minds and, in turn, much peace in our lives. 

This was the process used by Buddha also.

His logic was – ” If suffering”s there, there has to be a cause for it.”

He went deep into it and realized that WE ( as we are ) cause our suffering.

And when a cause is there, there must be a remedy.

And that’s when he devised his eightfold path to Nirvana for all.

And in the center of it all, he found Trushna ( desire ). – which is the cause of all our suffering.

A beautiful snowfall left a great message for me in the night’s dark and inspired me to go deeper within myself.


Mar 07,2023

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