Find your own truth.

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Find your own truth.

Find your own truth.

Someone posted –

“Everything is done by nature in full consciousness; nothing is blind or accidental.”

My rebuttal –

“Is this the truth?”

Answer came –


It’s the preaching of Shila Prabhupada.

I was reading his book where it was written.


My rebuttal –

There is nothing wrong with the statement.


If it is borrowed from others – then it is worth two cents.

If it arises from within, from your own experiences, from your own analysis of your own life events – then it carries a very profound meaning and strength.

That’s why meditation is essential.

Go within.

Then you will speak from the consciousness level rather than the mind level ( which will be a borrowed truth ).

Then you will be writing your own scriptures.

India is a blessed country to have so many well-achieved souls.

And at the same time, it is a cursed country because everyone here grows up listening to the same spiritual preachings every single day.

So, we already have ready answers about the soul, karma, heaven, and hell. Etc

And so, we have lost our curiosity and don’t see any need to explore it any further.

The path of spirituality needs curiosity, zest, and courage to explore it.

Without taking the path, no one has ever reached there.

All these great souls did not reach there without it, and we won’t either.

Talking about the soul and realizing the soul are two different things, just like looking at the map of the USA, and being in the USA, are.

Meditation is trading your own path within and finding whether whatever these great souls have said, is true or not.

Then only this truth becomes YOUR truth.

Jan 19,2023

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